Saskatchewan Pool Climbing Walls

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Pool Climbing Walls
Climb, Splash, Repeat. 
What’s more fun than the challenge of pushing yourself to climb to the top of a wall… the rewarding splash back down into the pool afterwards!  
Kersplash pool climbing walls are made by the experts. A team of climbers and aquatics professionals have put together this top-of-the line product. Made with 100% stainless steel, Kersplash was designed to outlast in harsh indoor and outdoor aquatic settings. The stainless steel is passivated and coated with Spectra-Shield and the sturdy panels and hand holds are UV treated. 
Check out our two wall types, Crystal Clear and Color 
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Kersplash brings together two great sports, swimming and climbing. Both climbing and swimming increase fitness levels through development of strength, coordination, cardiovascular endurance and muscle endurance. Kersplash also provides participants with positive risk taking and creative problem solving. 
BUT, best of all, it’s a SPLASH!